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Do you know how long it takes for formaldehyde in particleboard to evaporate
source:English website Time:2022-07-22
We all know that no matter how high the price of the decoration materials we choose, the materials also contain formaldehyde. The volatilization of formaldehyde takes a period of time, not a month or two. Formaldehyde also exists in particleboard. For those who choose such boards, they are particularly concerned about the problem of formaldehyde. After all, it is related to the health and safety of their families. So let's introduce how long does formaldehyde volatilize from Particleboard? How to choose particleboard?
Formaldehyde volatilization of particleboard is a continuous and long process, which takes about 10 to 15 years. In the past few years, the release of formaldehyde was relatively large, and with the gradual passage of time, the release of formaldehyde will be less and less. For the newly installed particleboard, the owner can exchange the indoor air with the outdoor air by opening windows for ventilation, so as to accelerate the volatilization of formaldehyde in the particleboard, or with the help of other items, such as activated carbon, green plants, etc.
How to choose Particleboard
1. Look at the appearance. First, observe the grading of surface and core shavings in kanban. If the grading is not obvious, the appearance of shavings is rough, and its physical and mechanical properties are poor, which is not conducive to the later finishing treatment. Secondly, some defects of the Kanban, such as broken edges and corners, metal debris, etc., are not allowed, while indentation, glue spots, oil stains, etc. are allowed to affect the level according to the grade.
2. Whether the test report is qualified. Generally speaking, the products produced by regular chipboard manufacturers have test reports, including some product indicators and content, and the important one is the mandatory indicator free formaldehyde.
3. Pay attention to formaldehyde content. China stipulates that the content of free formaldehyde in 100g particleboard cannot exceed 50mg. Pick up a sample of particleboard casually and smell it with your nose. If the board has a strong smell, it obviously exceeds the standard requirements. Try not to choose it.
4. Check whether the information is complete. Generally, for regular products, China expressly stipulates that there should be a complete set of product data, including manufacturer, brand, product standard, inspection grade, instructions for use and other data. The complete data indicates that the production enterprise is a regular enterprise with a certain scale, and even if there is a problem, the consumer is also well documented.
The above is the introduction of Jiangsu New Oriental wood based panel Co., Ltd. how long does formaldehyde volatilize from Particleboard? How to choose particleboard? In fact, the existence of formaldehyde will not disappear in a month or two. The formaldehyde volatilization of some plates is relatively slow, and it will not disappear until many years later. So for the health of our family recently, we must often open windows for ventilation, and put more green plants and activated carbon at home.
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