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Jiangsu New Oriental wood based panel Co., Ltd. was established on April 1st, 2006. After preparation, planning, design and construction, the panel was launched on July 7th, 2020. The company mainly produces and sells customized household particleboard, all loose moisture-proof particleboard, and particleboard with environmental protection grade of F ★★★★ and enf (aldehyde free addition grade).
The company is located in Changshu, a blessed place in the south of the Yangtze River. Four expressways, including riverside Expressway and Coastal Expressway, pass through Changshu, with six expressway toll stations. With a logistics radius of 200 kilometers, you can reach Shanghai, Hangzhou, Deqing, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, Nantong and other places quickly and efficiently.
The key equipment of the company is mainly German and Italian equipment. Grubas planer - ensure the stability of particle shape and the proportion of excellent particles, so as to ensure a good sense of layering and density of particleboard. The low-temperature belt dryer of schland company in Germany, which dries shavings through hot water and hot air exchange, maintains the natural properties of wood, and does not cause the degradation of wood properties due to carbonization or semi carbonization of wood due to high-temperature drying, so as to ensure the flexibility of shavings, and the downstream enterprises are not prone to edge collapse and mouth collapse when opening boards. The glue mixer system, paving system equipment and continuous flat press of German Dieffenbach company ensure the uniformity of glue application, the rationality of particle distribution on the core and surface layer, and the rationality of longitudinal and transverse density of the board, so as to ensure the excellent performance of the product and the correctness of physical and chemical indicators.
According to the characteristics of raw materials and changes in market demand, the company continues to innovate and develop new products required by the market.
All loose environmental protection moisture-proof high-density particleboard, to meet market demand. F ★★★★, enf grade particleboard, to meet the increasing demand for environmental protection. Tasteless E0 grade particleboard meets the growing demand for customized home furnishings. In the future, formaldehyde free fireproof particleboard and full performance nano particleboard will be developed to meet the people's yearning for a better life.
The company has fully functional physical and chemical index inspection and testing equipment. A 1 cubic meter balance box and climate box are used to detect the release of free formaldehyde. The perforation method is used to detect free formaldehyde. The equipment can understand the release of free formaldehyde of the product within 24 hours. The mechanical testing machine can detect the static bending strength, elastic modulus, internal binding force and surface binding force. The micro sander can help to quickly detect the bonding strength. The drying oven is helpful to analyze the moisture content of products and raw materials. The constant temperature water tank is used for 2 hours and 24 hours of water absorption thickness expansion. The density analyzer can know the density and density distribution of the board in time, which is convenient for adjustment and continuous production of high-quality products
The company has 9 practical patents, and will have more patents in the future. Strict management, people-oriented and scientific norms are the management requirements of the company. Riqing Riqing Riqing rigao are the guidelines followed by the company's employees. Creating excellent functional particleboard and constantly improving people's working and living environment are the company's tireless goals. The strong support of suppliers and customers is our continuous driving force to do a good job. To provide people with environmentally friendly moisture-proof home substrates and take care of your home is the direction of our efforts.
Thank you for your visit and look forward to our cooperation. thank you!
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