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  1. [2022-07-22]

    Do you know how long it takes for formaldehyde in particleboard to evaporate

    We all know that no matter how high the price of the decoration materials we choose, the materials also contain formaldehyde. The volatilization of formaldehyde takes a period of time, not a month or two. Formaldehyde also exists in particleboard. For those who choose such boards, they are particularly concerned about the problem of formaldehyde.

  2. [2022-07-22]

    Differences and characteristics between particleboard and density board

    In the process of decoration, board is a common building material. There are many kinds of board, including particleboard, MDF, plywood, fireproof board and gypsum board. But today, Jiangsu New Oriental wood based panel Co., Ltd

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